Legislation for Environment, Water & Land Use

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HB 30WATER LEASE & USE EFFECTIVE DATES HAWC/HJCHCATChandler, Christine Oppose12021-03-02Via Webcast2021-03-012021-01-04 HB 30 PDF  |  HB 30 FIR
HB 48STATEWIDE WEATHER STATIONS HAWC/HAFCHAFCZamora, Martin RNeutral22021-02-042021-01-07 HB 48 PDF  |  HB 48 FIR
HB 51ENVIRONMENTAL DATABASE ACT HENRC/HSEIC/SCONC/SJCSCONCChasey, Gail C.Neutral22021-03-02Via Webcast2021-02-172021-01-08 HB 51 PDF  |  HB 51 FIR
HB 76EIB PERMIT DENIAL FOR POOR COMPLIANCE HENRC/HSEICHCALChandler, Christine Oppose12021-03-02Via Webcast2021-02-112021-01-12 HB 76 PDF  |  HB 76 FIR
HB 77NORTHEAST NM GROUND WATER RESOURCE STUDY HEC/HAFCHAFCChatfield, Jack Support22021-02-022021-01-12 HB 77 PDF  |  HB 77 FIR
HB 92SAFE DRINKING WATER TESTING FUND HAWC/HTRC/SCONC/STBTCSCONCGallegos, Doreen YNeutral22021-03-02Via Webcast2021-02-192021-01-14 HB 92 PDF  |  HB 92 FIR
HB 108SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT FEE SCHEDULE HENRC/HSEICHCALChandler, Christine Neutral22021-03-02Via Webcast2021-02-162021-01-15 HB 108 PDF  |  HB 108 FIR
HB 194ACEQUIA HELP FOR ADJUDICATION SETTLEMENTS HAWC/HSEICHCATOrtez, Kristina Neutral22021-03-02Via Webcast2021-03-012021-01-28 HB 194 PDF  |  HB 194 FIR
HB 197STATE ENGINEER DECISION APPEAL LEGAL COSTS HAWC/HJCHJCLente, Derrick Neutral22021-02-182021-01-28 HB 197 PDF  |  HB 197 FIR
HB 200WATER TRUST BOARD PROJECTS & NM UNIT FUND HAWC/HJC/SIRC/SCONCSINTMcQueen, Matthew Neutral22021-03-012021-01-28 HB 200 PDF  |  HB 200 FIR
HB 229LAND GRANT NATURAL RESOURCE PROTECTION HLLC/HJCHLLCCastellano, Ambrose MNeutral22021-02-022021-02-02 HB 229 PDF  |  HB 229 FIR
HB 241WATER TRUST FUND MUTUAL DOMESTIC SET-ASIDE HAWC/HTRCHCATHerrera, Susan KNeutral22021-03-02Via Webcast2021-03-012021-02-02 HB 241 PDF  |  HB 241 FIR
HB 265NATURAL RESOURCES & LANDS PROTECTION HENRC/HSEICHCATOrtez, Kristina 22021-03-02Via Webcast2021-03-012021-02-09 HB 265 PDF  |  HB 265 FIR
HB 298STATE ENGINEER HEARINGS BY VIDEOCONFERENCE HAWCHAWCStansbury, Melanie A22021-02-25https://us02web.zoom.us/j/820726411092021-02-182021-02-18 HB 298 PDF  |  HB 298 FIR
HM 10NEW WATER APPROPRIATIONS & PUBLIC WELFARE HAWCHAWCPettigrew, Randall T12021-02-162021-02-16 HM 10 PDF  |  HM 10 FIR
SB 8LOCAL GOV'T AIR QUALITY REGULATIONS SCONC/SJC/SFCSFCWirth, Peter OpposeFOCUS2021-03-01Via Webcast2021-02-102021-01-19 SB 8 PDF  |  SB 8 FIR
SB 16WATER LEASING APPROVAL SCONC/SJCSJCWirth, Peter Oppose12021-03-012021-02-17 SB 16 PDF  |  SB 16 FIR
SB 126WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAM SCONC/SFCSFCWoods, Pat 2021-02-102021-01-19 SB 126 PDF  |  SB 126 FIR
SB 137NMFA WATER PROJECTS SCONC/SFC/HAFCHAFCCervantes, Joseph Neutral22021-02-222021-01-31 SB 137 PDF  |  SB 137 FIR
SB 138STATEWIDE DAM PROJECTS SCONC/SFCSFCCampos, Pete Support22021-02-172021-01-31 SB 138 PDF  |  SB 138 FIR
SB 166STATEWIDE WATERSHED STUDY SIRC/SFCSFCPinto, Shannon Neutral22021-02-102021-01-31 SB 166 PDF  |  SB 166 FIR
SB 212INTERSTATE STREAM COMMISSION MEMBERS SCONC/SJCSCalWirth, Peter Neutral22021-03-02Via Webcast2021-02-182021-01-31 SB 212 PDF  |  SB 212 FIR
SB 296INCREASE PENALTIES FOR ENVIRO VIOLATIONS SCONC/SJCSJCMcKenna, Brenda Grace AgoyothéOppose12021-02-182021-02-01 SB 296 PDF  |  SB 296 FIR
SB 326LIMIT USE OF PESTICIDES AT SCHOOLS SEC/SCONC/SFCSECMcKenna, Brenda Grace Agoyothé22021-02-102021-02-10 SB 326 PDF  |  SB 326 FIR
SB 332SOIL & WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICTS SIRC/STBTCSIRCBaca, Gregory Neutral22021-02-102021-02-10 SB 332 PDF  |  SB 332 FIR
SB 334MINING DIRECTOR & ENVIRO CONSIDERATIONS SCONC/STBTCSCONCStefanics, Elizabeth "Liz" Oppose12021-02-102021-02-10 SB 334 PDF  |  SB 334 FIR
SB 358TRESPASSING PENALTIES SHPAC/SJCSHPACMunoz, George KSupport22021-02-102021-02-10 SB 358 PDF  |  SB 358 FIR
SB 409TRANSFER PIPELINE SAFETY FROM PRC TO OCD SRC/STBTCSRCNeville, Steven P. 22021-03-03Via Webcast2021-02-182021-02-18 SB 409 PDF  |  SB 409 FIR
SB 415CONSERVANCY DIST. CHARGE & ASSESSMENT LIMITS SIRC/SJCSIRCSanchez, Joshua A12021-02-182021-02-18 SB 415 PDF  |  SB 415 FIR
SJR 3ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS, CA SRC/SJCSJCSedillo-Lopez, Antoinette OpposeFOCUS2021-02-102021-01-19 SJR 3 PDF  |  SJR 3 FIR
SM 10RESTORE BORDER LANDS AND ENVIRONMENT SRC/SCONCSRCHemphill, Siah Correa22021-02-102021-02-10 SM 10 PDF  |  SM 10 FIR
SM 22STUDY PESTICIDE USE AT SCHOOLS SRC/SECSRCMcKenna, Brenda Grace Agoyothé22021-02-242021-02-24 SM 22 PDF  |  SM 22 FIR