Roadrunner Capitol Reports
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Q. How do I login?

A. and click the login button. This will take you to the login page.

Q. What if I can't remember my username and password?

A. You can use the email address you registered with to login. To reset your password, navigate to the login page and click the link that reads Forgot password?

Q. How do I track legislation (bills)?

A. Navigate to the legislation tab in the navigation dropdown menu. All non-tracked legislation is on the right hand side of the page, click the heart icon next to the legislation to select that piece.

Q. What is the difference between tracking and assigning legislation?

A. Tracking the legislation is when the user selects the piece to follow (or likes the legislation)

Assigning the legislation happens once the legislation is chosen to track (follow or like) then the user can assign to a tracking list or client.

Q. How do I assign legislation?

A. Once legislation is tracked by the user, that legislation can now be added to a tracking list or client by navigating to the Manage Legislation page from the navigation dropdown menu and choosing the legislation to be assigned (this method allows the user to assign multiple clients (or tracking lists) to one piece of legislation) OR navigate to the Manage Clients page from the navigation dropdown menu. This option allows the user to choose the client and then assign legislation to the client (this method allows the user to assign multiple pieces of legislation to one client.

Q. What is a client?

A. A client is any entity the user is tracking legislation for. A client can be an actual lobbyists client, a committee within the user's association or company, a subject matter expert. Assigning legislation to a client allows for the user to create reports that are specific to that one entity, or tracking list.

Q. Can I create reports without assigning legislation to a client?

A. Yes, new for RRCR 2021, we have the ability to create Universal Reports – Navigate to the My Legislation page and click the dropdown menu that reads Universal Legislation Reports (non client specific) to access the available report styles.

Q. If I assign a bill to a client, what do I have to do to add that to a report?

A. Once a bill is assigned to a client, the legislation automatically appears on any report style for that client.

Q. Where can I see my bills that are scheduled in committee?

A. On the My Dashboard page the Daily Agenda button will take the user to a printer friendly page that has the bills scheduled for that day. Also on that page, the user can look ahead one day to the next days agenda.

To see all bill scheduled, navigate to the committee page to see the bills scheduled in a particular committee.

To see all of your bills sorted by date scheduled – navigate to the My Legislation page and in the dropdown menu titled Sort & Manage Legislation choose the My Legislation -Scheduled option.

Q. Can I add users to my subscription?

Users can be added to any subscription for additional per user cost: Full Access is $500.00/year and Limited Access is $350.00 per year. The difference between the two user types is the full access gets all of the gavel in text alerts.