Legislation for NMRA

Bill Number
Current Location
Scheduled Date
Scheduled Time
Update Date
Entry Date
HB8CREATIVE INDUSTRIES DIVISION IN EDD HCEDC/HAFC/STBTC/SFCPCHSzczepanski, Reena CSupport2023-04-062023-01-23 Bill Info Link
HB25MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE & INDEXING HLVMC/HCEDCHCEDCChandler, Christine Oppose2023-01-302023-01-03 Bill Info Link
HB118CREATE OFFICE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP HCEDC/HAFC/STBTCPVETLane, T. Ryan Support2023-04-072023-01-19 Bill Info Link
HB119INCOME TAX BRACKET CHANGES HTRCHTRCChandler, Christine Watch2023-01-192023-01-19 Bill Info Link
HB120LIMIT CAPITAL GAINS TAX DEDUCTION HTRCHTRCChandler, Christine Watch2023-01-192023-01-19 Bill Info Link
HB144INCREASE CERTAIN CHILD INCOME TAX CREDIT HHHC/HTRCHTRCChandler, Christine Support2023-02-022023-01-23 Bill Info Link
HB16325% GRT DEDUCTION FOR SMALL BUSINESSES HCEDC/HTRCHTRCBlock, John Support2023-03-062023-01-24 Bill Info Link
HB166NM WORK & SAVE ACT & RETIREMENT CHANGES HLVMC/HAFCHAFCLujan, Tara L.Oppose2023-02-032023-01-24 Bill Info Link
HB230LIQUOR TAX RATES & DIFFERENTIALS HHHC/HTRCHTRCFerrary, Joanne Oppose2023-02-132023-01-27 Bill Info Link
HB233RLD REORGANIZATION HGEIC/HJC/SRCPVETMatthews, Marian Watch2023-04-102023-01-30 Bill Info Link
HB245EMPLOYEE FREE SPEECH ACT HLVMC/HJCHCALChavez, Eleanor Watch2023-03-112023-01-31 Bill Info Link
HB321LIQUOR & MOTOR VEHICLE TAX DISTRIBUTIONS HTPWC/HTRCHTRCHarper, Jason C. Watch2023-02-212023-02-06 Bill Info Link
HB323CHANGE NAME OF GROSS RECEIPTS TAX HTRCHTRCHarper, Jason C. Watch2023-02-062023-02-06 Bill Info Link
HB340LIQUOR CONTROL CONTAINER SIZE LIMIT HCPAC/HJCHCPACCastellano, Ambrose MWatch2023-02-072023-02-07 Bill Info Link
HB343DIRECT BEER SHIPMENT PERMITS HCPAC/HCEDCHCEDCRomero, Andrea Watch2023-02-222023-02-07 Bill Info Link
HB364ALCOHOL DELIVERY, LICENSES & AD MONEY HCEDC/HJC/STBTCPCHLane, T. Ryan Light Support2023-03-302023-02-09 Bill Info Link
HB367GROSS RECEIPTS RATES & PROFESSIONAL SVCS. HTRCHTRCHarper, Jason C. Support2023-02-092023-02-09 Bill Info Link
HB377TOURISM DEPT. MARKETING EXCELLENCE BUREAU HCEDC/HAFC/SRCPCHHernandez, Joshua NathanielSupport2023-03-172023-02-10 Bill Info Link
HB432PLASTIC WASTE REDUCTION ACT HENRC/HCPACHCALRoybal Caballero, Patricia Watch2023-03-012023-02-14 Bill Info Link
HB455WORKERS' COMPENSATION CHANGES HLVMC/HJCHJCHerndon, Pamelya Oppose2023-03-032023-02-16 Bill Info Link
HB470DWI ACT HCPAC/HJCHJCLujan, Tara L.Light Support2023-02-242023-02-16 Bill Info Link
HB484DWI WITH CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES HCPAC/HJCHCPACRehm, William Watch2023-02-162023-02-16 Bill Info Link
HB49418-YEAR OLDS DELIVERING & STOCKING LIQUOR HCEDC/HJCHJCCastellano, Ambrose MWatch2023-02-242023-02-16 Bill Info Link
HB509PRETRIAL DETENTION PRESUMPTION HCPAC/HJCHCPACRehm, William Support2023-02-162023-02-16 Bill Info Link
SB11PAID FAMILY & MEDICAL LEAVE ACT STBTC/SFC/HCEDCHCEDCStewart, Mimi Oppose2023-03-072023-01-30 Bill Info Link
SB52CHILD INCOME TAX CREDIT INCREASE STBTC/SFCSTBTCTallman, Bill Support2023-01-182023-01-18 Bill Info Link
SB61LIQUOR TAX TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FUND STBTC/SFCSFCTallman, Bill Oppose2023-02-222023-01-18 Bill Info Link
SB62OFFICE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION STBTC/SFCSFCPadilla, Michael Support2023-02-082023-01-18 Bill Info Link
SB98PUBLIC CONTRACT PAYMENTS STBTC/SJCSJCDiamond, Crystal Watch2023-02-102023-01-17 Bill Info Link
SB108CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM UNIT SEC/SFC/HECHECBrandt, Craig Support2023-03-132023-01-19 Bill Info Link
SB114CONCEALED CARRY IN RESTAURANTS & BARS STBTC/SJCSJCNeville, Steven P. Support2023-02-152023-01-19 Bill Info Link
SB121TEMPORARY GRT DEDUCTIONS FOR RESTAURANTS STBTC/SFC///STBTCPadilla, Michael Support2023-01-232023-01-19 Bill Info Link
SB131PUBLIC SCHOOL FUNDING CHANGES SEC/SFC/HEC/HAFCPCHStewart, Mimi Support2023-04-042023-01-19 Bill Info Link
SB147TAX CHANGES STBTC/SFC/HTRCPCHShendo, Benny Oppose2023-03-302023-01-19 Bill Info Link
SB189FLAT CORPORATE INCOME TAX RATE STBTC/SFCSTBTCWirth, Peter Watch2023-01-232023-01-23 Bill Info Link
SB211CAREER DEVELOPMENT SUCCESS PILOT PROGRAM SEC/SFCSFCBrandt, Craig Watch2023-02-072023-01-25 Bill Info Link
SB220ALCOHOL & SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION FUND STBTC/SFCSFCOrtiz y Pino, Jerry Oppose2023-02-242023-01-25 Bill Info Link
SB243PLASTIC WASTE REDUCTION ACT SCONC/STBTCSTBTCSteinborn, Jeff Oppose2023-02-142023-01-25 Bill Info Link
SB403HOTEL RENOVATION TAX CREDIT STBTC/SFCSTBTCHemphill, Siah CorreaSupport2023-02-102023-02-10 Bill Info Link
SB435SALE OF ALCOHOL ON LEASED PROPERTY STBTC/SJC/SFCSTBTCMunoz, George KWatch2023-02-142023-02-14 Bill Info Link
SJR9ANTI-DONATION CLAUSE, CA SRC/SJCSJCOrtiz y Pino, Jerry Support2023-02-172023-01-27 Bill Info Link
SM31NM SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER NETWORK /PSGNCampos, Pete Watch2023-02-172023-02-06 Bill Info Link