Relating to labor by providing for eighty percent assistance for the cost of workers compensation insurance to employers of minor apprentices and requiring rules, requiring a report and making an appropriation.


 SB 414 provides that an employer may apply to the Workforce Solutions for payment for up to two minor apprentices 
The labor relations division of the workforce solutions department shall provide financial assistance in the amount of eighty percent of the cost of workers' compensation insurance for a minor apprentice to an employer who complies with the application and confirmation procedures established pursuant to rules adopted by the Apprenticeship Council. The Director of Apprenticeships shall work with the Superintendent of Insurance to identify options for employers to insure minor apprentices and by November 30, 2021 provide a report to the Legislative Education Study Committee regarding legislative changes that may facilitate the insuring of minor apprentices. The term “minor apprentice refers to an apprentice who is under the age of eighteen. 
An appropriation of two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) is to be provided to the Workforce Solutions Department to provide workers compensation assistance to employers of minor apprentices. 

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