Senate Bill 387 (SB 387) amends the Campaign Reporting Act and requires a contribution to be deposited in a segregated bank account to be exempt from the independent expenditure reporting requirements. 


 Senate Bill 387 (SB 387) amends Section 1-19-27.3 NMSA 1978 of the Campaign Reporting Act by providing that a person who makes independent expenditures of more than $3,000 in a non-statewide election or $9,000 in statewide election, is exempt from a certain reporting requirement if the contribution is deposited in a segregated bank account.  The reporting requirement being exempted is reporting the name and address of each contributor who contributed more than $5,000 in the election cycle.  The segregated bank account must not be used to fund independent or coordinated expenditures or to make contributions to a candidate, campaign committee or political committee. 

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