Relating to education by requiring the Public Education Program Department to collaborate with the Higher Education Department to administer the External Diploma Program and amending the definition of “qualified student “and providing requirements to receive funds. HB 272 also makes an appropriation.


 HB 282 Provides a new subsection B under Section 1, entitled Department Issued Diplomas to state: The Department, in collaboration with the Higher Education Department, shall administer the External Diploma Program.
The Department is the Public Education Department. 
In another Section the subparagraph entitled “qualified student “ and under the Subparagraph 3,d., Age and Criteria, new language now reads that the student: “has reached the student's twenty-second birthday on the first day of the 2019-2020 school year and subsequent school years, is counted in a school district’s or charter school's MEM on the third reporting date of the2018-2019 school year and subsequent school years, has been continuously enrolled in the same public school since that reporting date and is still enrolled in that school. The new language that has been inserted is “and subsequent school years”. 
Five million dollars ($5,000,000) is appropriated from the General Fund to the Higher Education Department for expenditure in Fiscal Year 2022 for the administration of the External Diploma Program.
The effective date of this Act is July 1, 2021

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