Senate Bill 330 (SB330) requests an appropriation to the Public Education Department for Dropout Prevention Programs.


 SECTION 1 making a two hundred thousand ($200,000) appropriation from the general fund to the Public Education Department for expenditure in Fiscal Year 2022 for high school dropout prevention programs. The programs shall: 
•	Serve at-risk, underserved and disadvantaged populations who are identified through early warning systems to receive targeted interventions designed to help get them back on track to graduation, use a trauma-informed approach to help students gain employability skill competencies, graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education, employment or military opportunities. Programs shall also provide at least one year of post-high school graduation follow-up and support to ensure success beyond high school.
•	Dropout prevention programs shall make periodic reports as required by the department.  Final reports to the department shall include the year of follow-up and support and provide data on number of students served, graduation rates, employment, post-secondary enrollment an success and other information required by the department.
•	Any unexpended or unencumbered balance remaining at the end of fiscal year 2022 shall revert to the general fund.

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