House Bill 216 (HB 216) provides sanctions for willfully and unjustifiably interfering with visitation or timesharing. HB 216 requires training for individuals who issue timesharing recommendations.


 House Bill 216 (HB 216) relates to domestic affairs and the dissolution of marriage.

HB 216 makes changes to Joint Custody-Standards for Determination-Parenting Plan, Section 40-4-9.1 NMSA 1978.

HB 216 requires the court to impose sanctions if the court determines by clear and convincing evidence that a party has willfully and unjustifiably interfered with the other parent's visitation or timesharing, 

Beginning January 1, 2022, any person appointed by the court to issue timesharing recommendations will attend at least two hours of training per year on each of the following: 
•	(1) peer-reviewed empirically based studies on the longitudinal effect of timesharing arrangements on children; and 
•	(2) child interview techniques.

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