Senate Bill 193 (SB 193) creates a Rural Equity Ombud to work on issues of concern to rural and frontier communities. 


 Senate Bill 193 (SB 193) enacts a new statute that creates a Rural Equity Ombud (Ombud) employed by the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).  The DFA must hire at least one Ombud whose job it is to work on issues of concern to rural and frontier communities with the executive branch, the legislative branch, state agencies, local and federal agencies and non-profit organizations.  The Ombud is appointed on the basis of education and experience.  

The Ombud must provide technical assistance to government agencies, planning assistance (regarding issues of concern such as health, economic development and natural resources), advocate for these communities, resolve complaints about laws or rules that are biased against rural and frontier communities, analyze bills and testify to the legislature, make annual reports, and perform other duties as assigned by the director of the local government division of the DFA, the Secretary of Finance and Administration, and the Governor or the Legislature.  

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