Senate Bill 263 (SB 263) enacts the Adult Workforce Diploma Program Act administered by the Higher Education Department to provide programs targeted to New Mexicans over 21 years old. SB 263 makes an appropriation of $3 million.


 Senate Bill 263 (SB 263) enacts the Adult Workforce Diploma Program Act to fund qualified workforce diploma program services statewide, since New Mexico has the lowest high school graduation rate in the nation (U.S. Census Bureau.) The programs target residents of New Mexico, 22 or older, without high school diplomas to gain industry credentials, certifications, or diplomas. Participants include those incarcerated. 

Oversight by Higher Education Department (HED)
•	HED is charged with program oversight
•	Annually issues a request for applications for funding as they do currently
•	Enter into contracts with providers
•	Pay providers based on completion of credits, diplomas, certifications, and industry credentials
•	Annual reporting
•	Review program provider data annually to ascertain if minimum performance standard were met and not renew contracts if they were not met

Providers’ Qualifications 
•	Does not have federal or state funding or private tuition
•	In accredited to grant a diploma
•	Has at least two years of relevant experience
•	Can provide student support
•	Provide courses necessary to meet graduation requirements including remedial courses
•	Provide skills and preparation for careers and credentials

•	SB 263 appropriates $3 million from the General Fund for Fiscal Year 2022.

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