Senate Bill 311 (SB 311) amends the Lobbyist Regulation Act. It defines advertising campaign, requires lobbyists to report compensation received for lobbying, and makes technical changes to the advertising campaign reporting requirements.


 Senate Bill 311 (SB 311) expands Section 2-11-2 NMSA 1978 of the Lobbyist Regulation Act by adding a definition for advertising campaign and makes technical changes.

It adds reporting of the total compensation and expenses paid or owed, if any, to a lobbyist by each lobbyist's employer for that covered reporting period in the expenditure report required in Section 2-11-6 NMSA 1978.  It specifies that if a lobbyist is a full-time employee of the lobbyist's employer, or is paid an annual fee or retainer, the lobbyist will estimate and report the portion of the salary, fee or retainer salary that is reasonably allocated for lobbying.

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