HB 24 relates to public education, requiring each school district to employ a minimum of one full-time school nurse, and provides exceptions. HB 24 also provides for rule making authority.


 HB 24 enacts a new section in the Public School Code that will require a minimum of one full-time school nurse each school year unless a waiver has been granted by the Department of Education. The Department may grant a waiver to a school district that has less than two hundred fifty MEM and can meet student health needs by hiring a part-time school nurse. 
HB 24 also provides exceptions if a school district is unable to hire a qualified nurse because of insufficient availability in the geographic vicinity provided that their attempts are verified to the Department. 

The Department of Education is to develop rules pursuant to this requirement. 

Under the budgeting section of the Act, new language is provided to require budgeting for a full-time school nurse unless a waiver is granted.

HB 24 also provides a definition of a school nurse which provides that a school nurse is a nurse authorized pursuant to the Nurse Practice Act and is licensed by the Department and Board of Nursing as a school nurse and is practicing as a nurse at a school. 

The effective date of HB 24 is July 1, 2021

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