House Bill 198 (HB 198) transfers certain authority and duties from the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Transportation.


 House Bill 198 (HB 198) permits the Department of Transportation (DOT) to collect revenue under the Trip Tax Act and at ports of entry, the delinquent Weight Distance Tax for the Taxation and Revenue Department. HB 198 allows DOT to accept payments by credit card.

DOT will take over administration of duties and enforcement of
•	Weight Distance Tax Identification Permit Fund
•	Special Fuel User Permits
•	Border Crossing Special Fuel User Permit
•	Ports of Entry
•	Caravan Fee (transportation of vehicles)
•	Vehicle scales, approval by DOT
•	Special Farm Permits, i.e., tractors
•	Permit to move vehicles or loads that exceed size or weight limits, escort vehicles insurance and equipment. i.e., manufactured homes
•	Permits to transport agricultural products

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