Relating to taxation by reducing authorized property tax rates for Class A County Hospital Funding and for transfers to the County Supported Medicaid Fund. 


 HB 186 reduces the mill levy that may be imposed by Class A County commissioners from six dollars fifty cents ($6.50) to one dollar and seventy cents ($1.70).
Also, in reference to Chapter 27-10-4 which provides for an alternative revenue source to imposition of county health care gross receipts tax and transfers to county supported Medicaid fund, HB 186 reduces the amount not to exceed one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) to thirty-nine cents ($.39). The imposition of this reduction may not occur until after January 1, 2022. The mill levy allowance for non-Class A counties remains unchanged. 
Contracting with an educational institution as provided in the Constitution by a county commission of a Class A County, allows for mill levy funds to operate the hospital if approved by the voters. The same reduction in mill levy proceeds apply. The mill levy through the Medicaid Fund that would go to the educational institution to the hospital would also be reduced from one dollar and five cents ($1.05) to thirty-nine cents ($.39).

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