House Bill 145 (HB 145) creates the crime of illegally dismantling a motor vehicle.  


 House Bill 145 (HB 145) enacts a new section of the Criminal Code that creates the third-degree crime of illegally dismantling a motor vehicle.  
This offense is committed by someone who owns, operates, maintains, or controls a “chop shop”, or by someone who knows or has reason to believe that it is a chop shop.  A “chop shop” is defined as a place where a person receives and alters/conceals identification numbers on a vehicle, motor vehicle, motor vehicle engine or component, for the purpose of using/selling/disposing the vehicle or vehicle part. 
The vehicle or vehicle part can be either lawfully or unlawfully obtained.  The bill defines “unlawfully obtained” as being obtained by theft, fraud, deceit, or without the owner’s permission.  The definition of “vehicle” excludes devices moved exclusively by human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks.  
HB 145 also provides that this law does not preclude a claim for racketeering.  

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