Relating to Nursing by expanding the size of the Board of Nursing and changing the qualifications of members of the Board of Nursing and amending the authority of certified nurse practitioners to dispense drugs to their patients and removing the requirement of certified nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialist to submit formularies to the Board


 HB 109 will now require that one member of the Board of Nursing is from a nursing education background and one member of the four-member board of nursing, maybe a member who is not from a nursing background but from a related licensed health field.
Under the section referring to certified nurse practitioners, a new paragraph is added which provides that certified nurse practitioners who have fulfilled the requirements for prescriptive authority may dispense dangerous drugs or controlled substances included in Schedules II through V of the Controlled Substances Act to supply the immediate needs of their patients.
Under another section of HB 109, referring to nurse specialist who have completed the requirements for prescriptive authority now, may prescribe in accordance with rules and guidelines based on scope of practice. The prior terms, regulations, and formularies, has been struck and would no longer apply. 

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