Senate Bill 77 (SB 77) creates the Regional Two Plus Two pilot project to establish a transition from community colleges to universities located in southeastern New Mexico. SB 77 provides for measurement of student and institutional outcomes.


 Senate Bill 77 (SB 77) creates a new program, Two Plus Two, a six-year pilot project for public post-secondary educational institutions in southwest region of the state.  SB 77 allows Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), New Mexico Junior College, New Mexico Military Institute, Clovis Community College, New Mexico State Carlsbad, and any other that requests to join the project. SB 77 tracks three four-year cohorts of students beginning in 2022 at participating community colleges who declare they will attend ENMU to earn a bachelor’s degree.

The participating colleges and universities will appoint a lead institution and designate a representative at each. The participants will be responsible to determine data collection methods for the purpose of analyzing whether articulation changes between two- and four-year institutions lead to better outcomes for students and institutions.

SB 77 charges pilot program participants with submitting annual interim and final reports to the Higher Education Department and the legislature with an analysis on the efficacy of Two Plus Two project. The reports will be filed with the Legislative Council Service’s Legislative Library.

SB 77 does not contain an appropriation.

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