Relating to health by enacting the Primary Care Council Act and creating a primary care council and assigning duties. 


 The Primary Care Council is created and will have nine voting members to include: (1) one member from the department;(2) one member from the Department of Health;(3) one member from the office of Superintendent of Insurance;(4) one member from a statewide organization representing federally qualified health centers in New Mexico;(5) five members from statewide organizations representing primary care providers or statewide health. Also, thirteen other associate non-voting members will be appointed. 
Secretary means the Secretary of Human Services who shall provide staff support for the Council. Also, an annual report is to be made to the Interim Legislative Health and Human Services Committee and the Legislative Finance Committee. In addition, a five year plan is to be developed,  covering the  following: how primary care investment could increase access to primary care, improve the quality of primary care services, lower the cost of primary care delivery, address the shortage of primary care providers and reduce overall health care costs.
Overall, the mandate of this legislation is for the Council to: (1) develop a shared description of primary care practitioners and services;(2) analyze annually the proportion of healthcare delivery expenditures allocated to primary care statewide;(3) review national and state models of optimal primary care investment with the objectives of increasing access to primary care, improving the quality ofprimary care services and lowering the cost of primary care delivery statewide;(4) review New Mexico state and county data and information about barriers to accessing primary care services faced by New Mexico residents;(5) recommend policies, regulations and legislation to increase access to primary care, improve the quality of primary care services and lower the cost of primary care delivery while reducing overall health care costs. 
Also, work with graduate education review boards and other primary care development organizations. 
The first meeting is to be held by October 1, 2021. 

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