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Sen Martin E Hickey

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 Senate Bill 35 (SB 35) modifies the law to revise the definition of an anesthesiologist assistant (AA); revises practice and supervisory requirements and employment conditions, and removes limitations on counties where an AA may practice.  It also repeals Laws 2015, Chapter 52, Section 5. 
Legislation Overview:
 SB 35 defines “anesthesiologist assistant” (AA) as “a skilled person licensed by the board as being qualified by academic and practical training to assist an anesthesiologist in developing and implementing anesthesia care plans”.  The law is modified to require in-person supervision and participation in specified cases; to increase the number of AAs that an anesthesiologist may supervise (from three to four); and to remove limitations on Counties where an AA may practice. 

The Act also repeals Laws 2015, Chapter 52, Section 5, which involved a delayed repeal of Section 3 (delayed to July 1, 2025), having to do with employment requirements and conditions for anesthesiologist assistants.Laws 2015, Chapter 52, Section 5 are repealed.

Current Law:
 Currently AAs are not required in all cases to be supervised by an anesthesiologist; if the bill passes, no such requirement would be added.  Anesthesiologist assistants (AAs) are currently only qualified to serve as if they are employed or to be employed in a New Mexico university with a medical school; this requirement would remain.  The existing limit on the number of AAs an anesthesiologist may supervise (three) would remain if the bill does not pass. 
 Amended January 25, 2023 in SHPAC

SHPACa/SB 35: The Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee amends Senate Bill 35 as follows:

1. On page 1, line 14, strike "REMOVING", strike all of line 15 and strike line 16 through the semicolon. 2. On page 6, line 21, remove the brackets and the line through "(3) practice only in a class A county" and after "county", insert a semicolon.

Committee Substitute:
 Committee Substitute February 17, 2023 in SJC
SJCcs/SB 35: The Senate Judiciary Committee Substitute for SB 35 modifies the bill by:
•	restoring limitations regarding counties in which anesthesiologist assistants may practice (also,  in the Employment Section, the stipulation is restored that anesthesiologist assistants may only practice in a Class A County), and
•	restoring the language in the Rules Section, which previously removed the requirement for the presence of a supervising anesthesiologist except in an emergency.