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Sen Antonio "Moe" Maestas

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 Senate Bill (264) creates the Adult High School Diploma Pilot Project. SB 264 requires the collection of program data and reporting. SB 264 creates a fund and makes an appropriation. 
Legislation Overview:
 Senate Bill (264) creates the Adult High School Diploma Pilot Project (project or program) administered by the Higher Education Department (HED) for adults without high school diplomas to earn a diploma and industry-recognized certificates college credits. There is no cost for enrollees in the program. Eligible adult is defined as a 22-year-old.

HED in collaboration with the Corrections Department (CD) will award a grant to a community-based nonprofit to operate a program if:
•	Operates in a correctional facility.
•	Contributes funding for operating and facility costs.
•	Hires licensed school personnel.
•	Proposes an academic accountability system.
•	Complies with graduation requirements established by HED and laws governing disabilities.
•	Uses an evidence-based education model.
•	Provides in-person instruction.
•	Serves a minimum of 100 students.
•	Creates individualized plans for students with disabilities.
•	Funds certificate programs at no cost.
•	Creates a plan with post-secondary schools to offer courses for college credit.

By July 1, 2024, HED with CD will create academic accountability standards. HED and CS will establish an application process. HED, CD, and the Public Education Department will create rules to administer the program.

By November 1, 2024, HED and CS will select programs that will participate in the project. Programs must report annually to HED demographic data, accountability measures, industry-recognized certificates, college credits, and associated data. A grant for the selected program will be awarded by January 15, 2025.

SB 264 creates the Adult High School Diploma Fund (fund) administered by HED with CD to carry out the project and provide grants to school districts, charter schools, and nonprofits participating in the project.

An appropriation of $5 million from the General Fund to the fund is authorized by SB 264 for Fiscal Years 2024 through 2031.
HED will report annually program data to the governor, the legislature, and the legislative education study committee. 

SB 264 repeals the pilot project July 1, 2031.