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Sen Cliff R. Pirtle

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 Senate Bill 281 (SB 281) provides for independent inspectors in the construction industry; establishes time frames for inspections; and modifies sections of the Construction Industry’s Licensing Act (CILA). 
Legislation Overview:
 Section 60-13-2 NMSA 1978, related to construction industries, is modified to add a definition of “independent inspector”, which refers to a licensed general contractor who has been certified as an inspector by the division and who is not an employee of the state or any county, municipality or other political subdivision. A new section of the CILA is enacted to establish a program for the licensing of independent inspectors. Conditions and criteria for independent inspectors are detailed; such inspectors will have the same authority as state certified inspectors. An additional section is added to the CILA, stating that if an inspection is not conducted by a statewide inspector or an independent inspector within seven days of a request for inspection, the subject of the inspection request shall be considered approved. 
Current Law:
 Currently there is no provision for an independent inspector. If the bill does not pass, existing requirements for licensed inspectors will prevail. In addition the specified time limitations for inspections and consequences for failure to act within seven days will not be established. 
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