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Sen George K Munoz

Actions: [2] SRC/SHPAC-SRC [6] DP-SHPAC [15] DP

Scheduled: 03-18 09:00 am Senate Chambers

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 Senate Joint Memorial 2 (SJM 2) asks that a task force be formed to study state government employee classification and compensation. 
Legislation Overview:
 SJM 2 asks that the task force be jointly convened by the legislative, judicial and executive branches, saying that they would benefit from competitive pay systems, longevity pay for employee retention and a reduction in the employee probationary period. The memorial lays out some specific suggestions for a task force to consider, including widening employee pay bands to ensure equitable potential for in-pay-band salary increases and annual review of all job classifications.
The task force would include representatives from all three branches of government and would be asked to report recommendations to those branches by December 1, 2024. Copies of the memorial are to be sent to the governor, director of the Legislative Council Service, chief justice of the Supreme Court, director of state personnel, secretary of general services, executive director of the Public Employees Retirement Association, Attorney General, director of the Administrative Office of the Courts and director of the Administrative Office of District Attorneys.
Relates To:
 SJM2 is a duplicate of House Joint Memorial 1 (HJM1).