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Sen George K Munoz

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 Senate Bill 144 (SB 144) relates to public property and authorizes the acquisition of property in Santa Fe County for use by the Public Regulation Commission; the bill also appropriates $2,500,000 to purchase and renovate the Educational Retirement Board Building.   
Legislation Overview:
 Senate Bill 144 (SB 144) authorizes the Facilities Management Division of the General Services Department to purchase and make improvements on the Educational Retirement Board (ERB) building on Camino de los Marquez in Satna Fe, for use by the Public Regulation Commission. The bill provides that the purchase price of this building cannot exceed the appraised value.  
SB 144 appropriates $2,500,000 from the General Fund to the General Services Department for use in Fiscal Year 2024 and subsequent years to purchase and renovate this ERB building.  Unspent funds do not revert to the General Fund. 
 On February 15, 2023, the Senate Finance Committee amended SB 144 by removing the $2,500,000 appropriation.