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S 4 PREVAILING WAGE AND FRINGE BENEFIT RATES   (Duhigg, Katy ) Current Location: PCH View Analysis View Bill

Senate Bill 4 (SB 4) amends Minimum Wages on Public Works to specify the determination date and implementation date for prevailing wage and fringe benefit rates. SB 4 also provides the an appeal will not stay the rate implementation unless modified by a final decision of the Labor and Industrial Commission or final judgment of a district court.

S 42 UTILITY EASEMENTS FOR BROADBAND ACT   (Padilla, Michael ) Current Location: API View Analysis View Bill

Senate Bill 42 (SB 42) enacts the Utility Easements for Broadband Act (UEFBA) that authorizes the use and sharing of utility easements for the provision of communications service throughout the state. It requires notice to the property owner; provides for optional recording of such notice; establishes claims pursuant to the use of utility easements; allows cost recovery for communications infrastructure projects; and provides definitions.

SJR 2 ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS, CA   (Sedillo-Lopez, Antoinette ) Current Location: API View Analysis View Bill

Senate Joint Resolution 2 (SJR 2) proposes to amend the NM Constitution by adding a new section to Article 2 that provides the people of the state with environmental rights and directs the state to protect environmental resources for the benefit of all the people. It repeals the current pollution control provisions of Article 20, Section 21 of the NM Constitution.